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Why Cold Pressed Oil

The way the oil is extracted has a direct effect on how the oil tastes in your food and the amount of nutrients it has to offer. Using heat to extract the oil produces more of it, but heat can degrade the oil’s flavor and nutritional quality. Using low-heat methods produced higher quality oil, albeit in lesser quantities.
As no heat is involved in the cold pressing process, it retains far more nutrition and living enzymes are kept intact.
Excess heat can increase the quantity of oil extracted, but it compromises its quality and detracts from the natural benefits and healthiness of the oil.
Most of the oils use a centrifugal method. Centrifugal method which involves a rapidly spinning strainer. It heats, has static electricity and large amounts of air are drawn in. That compromises and destroys the nutrients that causes an oxidation to the oils.
Essential enzymes in seeds and nuts die at temperatures that go above 50 degrees Celsius. Any oil extractor using a high-speed blade or centrifuge creates friction heat and destroys vital nutrients, vitamins and living enzymes. Centrifuge machines will allow you to take control of the quality of the produce, but extraction methods can still destroy vital nutrients, vitamins and living enzymes. This makes sure the cold pressed oil is an extremely fine quality and flavor which is unequaled by any other oil extraction method.